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Make money with SpeedyShare

SpeedyShare affiliate program is open for everybody. Simply tell about SpeedyShare to your friends or even to strangers, and we will pay you 50% of all sales made by them. Taking into consideration current cost of SpeedyShare Premium account, you make $5 per subscriber! But that's not all. You will get paid for every month your referred friend stays subscribed. For example, if he or she subscribes for $9.95/mo and remains subscribed for ten months, you will make $50.

Questions and answers:

How to start earning? First, register for a free Basic account. If you have one already, sign in. When done, get your unique link codes and start sending traffic, or upload as much files as you can and let others download them. We don't pay for downloads, but there is a chance some users will prefer to download files in high speed thus they will purchase Premium account and you get paid for that.

How does SpeedyShare know that the subscriber belongs to you? It's simple. When people come to SpeedyShare through your link codes or when you share files uploaded within your account, a hidden tracking code (cookie) is stored in each visitor's browser. If the same browser is used to purchase Premium from us, we pay you your percentage. The tracking code is valid for 365 days, so you can make money even a year after the visitor's first visit.

How are the payments sent? Is there any minimum limit? Payments are sent upon your request. It can be monthly, weekly, or even daily, it's up to you. There is no minimum limit; you may request any amount you like, at any time you wish. We will also pay all the fees for incoming payments, so you receive exactly what you earned. Note that all earnings are held for 30 days before they can be withdrawn, to avoid fraud.

Note that all earnings are rounded up, to simplify the math. That means, if the transaction amount of a sale was $9.95, then 50% of that amount is $4.975, but we pay you $5.

Also note that if the payment includes VAT (value added tax) or high processing fees, then VAT or the fee is not included in affiliate commission. For example, if the price for Premium account is 9.95 and VAT is 21%, the user will pay 12.04 but your affiliate commission is 50% out of 9.95 rounded up, thus still 5, even if the user paid 12.04, because we have to transfer 2 to the government.

How much can you make?
A lot! If you refer just 3 new friends every month and each pays $9.95/mo, you will make:

month new users
this month
total users your earnings
this month
January 3 3 $15
February 3 6 $30
March 3 9 $45
April 3 12 $60
May 3 15 $75
June 3 18 $90
July 3 21 $105
August 3 24 $120
September 3 27 $135
October 3 30 $150
November 3 33 $165
December 3 36 $180
Total: $1170